Yercaud Lake or Emerald Lake

This is natural lake which is just 200 meters away from hotel. It is centrally located in the heart of yercaud town and it is surrounded beautifully landscaped garden on one bank. The Yercaud town is situated at an altitude of 4700 feet and it has boating facility. You can enjoy peddling or engine boats ride.

Lady’s seat, Gents seat and Children’s seat

There is a natural rock formation in the form of a seat where an English Lady of Yesteryear would be seen seated every evening admiring the unparalleled beauty of the place and has been named thereafter. There is a sheer drop of about 2000 feet at this point. There is a manmade viewing tower with Telescopes in ladies seat. We can see the magnesite deposits on the plains and on clear days a view of Mettur Dam and we should not miss the night view of the Salem town with millions of twinkling lights. On the right of Ladys Seat are Sterling Resorts, Gents Seat and Childrens Seat. There is a minipark and it is a breath taking spot for a picnic.

Shevarayan Temple

The Shevaroy temple is situated on highest point of the Shevaroy hills. The Shevarayan is a flat-topped hill with a plateau. The view from the summit on all sides is magnificent, one looks down on a mass of mountains and hills far and near, with the plains spread out like a map between the Shevaroys and the nearest hills.. The temple is a narrow and dark cave and seated inside are God Shervarayan and Goddess Kaveri representing the Shervaroyan Hills and the river Kaveri. The annual festival which is celebrated here in the month of May attracts thousands of people.

Silk Farm and Rose Garden

One can see the cultivation of Mulberries, the growing of silk worms and the method of spinning silk. We can see a collection of colorful Roses and also purchase nursery plants from here. It is located 2 km from our hotel.

Pagoda Point

Pagoda Point is located on the eastern side of Yercaud Hills. From here we can see amazing sunrise and sunset views. This is also called is pyramid point. This is located 5km from our hotel.

Killiyur Falls

Killiyur water falls is 3 km from the Yercaud Lake and should be visited after the South West or North East Monsoon. The surplus water from the Yercaud Lake and the other places of Shevaroys hills fall deep into the Kiliyur Valley in a breath taking 300 feet fall. The views from the bottom and top of the falls are amazing view. The view from the top of the falls into the Valley is breathtaking scenery. It is good places who loves trekking to reach bottom of falls.

Botanical Garden and Orchidarium

This is one of two orchidariums run by the Botanical survey of India. It has a large collection of native orchids. There are hundreds of plants and different varieties of native orchid blossoms ablaze our eyes with colorfulness. In botanical garden we can see the famous Kurinji flowers that bloom twice every 12 years. One must visit this place during summer flower shows as the garden decorated with enchanting flowers, which mesmerize us. This is very good place and a treat for plant lovers. It is located 5 km from our hotel.

Arthur Seat

Arthur’s Seat is one of the viewpoints which locate at the top of Yercaud tourist center. This elevated location provides an eye catching view of the Emerald Lake and eternal beauty of yercaud Town and thrilling appearance of Shervaroyan Peak. We can see spectacular sunsets from this vantage point which is reached by taking a steep road.

Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple

The temple is dedicated to Sri Raja Rajeswari and the temple is located at an ideal location with calm surroundings. Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple is one of the major attractions for visitors in Yercaud. Founded in 1983 by Tirukovilur Thapovanam Srila Sri Gnanananda Giri Swamigals Parampara Disciple HH Swami Poornananda Giri.It is believed by worshippers that by praying in this temple, one can attain wealth and prosperity in their life. This is located 6 km away from our hotel.

Kottachedu Teak Forest

Kottachedu Teak Forest is an unspoiled forest and great for quiet long walks in nature and this teak forest is on the Ghats section which connects to Salem city via harur and ayodhipattinam route. The hills tribes who cultivated these lands are said to have abandoned this area after plague struck the area. These lands were than utilized by the Government for a Teak Wood plantation. Here, you can see the Yercaud’sdiverse wildlife such as foxes, anteaters, swallows, paradise flycatchers, and bisons. Vaniar River passes through this Teak forest and leads to the Vaniar Dam.

Tipperary View point

We can reach this southern most view point of Yercaud by taking the Tipperary Road which 2.5 km from lake. The journey through the road offers magnificent views and breathtaking experience. From this view point we can see the Elephant Tooth Rocks and night view from this spot-with the lights of Salem in the distance is mesmerizing.

Deer Park

Deer park is mini zoo which is located near by the yercaud lake and it is maintained by Yercaud Forest Range of Tamilnadu Forest Department. Here we can see Peacocks, Love birds, Pigeons, Rabbits, Ducks, Spotted deers, etc. This is very good place for children as there are swings and slides for them to enjoy. Also, there is Yercaud Aquarium Exhibition is situated opposite to Deer park.

Anna Park

Anna Park is a lovely garden which located near the Yercaud Lake. Children’s can play in this park which has many swings and sliders. Annual flower show will be conducted in this park during summer time.

Karadiyur View point

A wonderful sightseeing placed in yercaud about 12 km from the center of the town in a village Karadiyur.

Loop Road

The 32-Km Loop Road is actually a 32 kilometers stretch, which begins from the Yercaud Lake and takes one through the much appreciated roads and agricultural plantations of Yercaud. Yercaud has been known for its coffee plantations and thick bamboo forests, which in turn support and flourish a wide variety of flora and fauna. The Loop Road also leads to the villages of Semmantham, Nagalur, Manjakuttai and Kaveri Peak. While travelling through these villages, one can taste varieties of coffee and the inviting aroma of the fresh coffee beans will surely fill your senses.

Manjakuttai Viewpoint

Manjakuttai viewpoint is a very good place to trek or drive to if you want to make a quick get away for a couple of hours. From this view point, we can see beautiful sun rise and it has amazing views of surrounding valleys and mountains. It is 7 km away from our hotel.

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